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Devotional Illustration – Holiness

by Pat Finnegan

John Donne, the seventeenth-century poet, was somewhat of a “renaissance man”. A Roman Catholic who later converted to the Anglican church, was also, among other things, a lawyer, diplomat, traveler and preacher. Such experience seemed to give him a very broad view of life and eternity. In his poem, Hymn to God My God, in […]

Devotional Illustration – Integrity

by Pat Finnegan

In his book, A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, William Law encourages the reader to live a life that provides outward proof of an inward truth. Our conversion, he describes, must be evident to all and at all times. If we are to be new people in Christ, then we must show […]

Devotional Illustration – Peace in This Life

by Pat Finnegan

The classic work, The Imitation of Christ, is commonly attributed to Thomas à Kempis, the 15th-century Augustine monk. There are some, however, that believe the work was written by the Dutch missionary preacher Gerhard Groote and edited by Thomas. In either case, the author here describes four actions of self-denial and submission to God’s will […]

Devotional Illustration – Unity

by Pat Finnegan

John Wesley, in his sermon Christian Perfection, warns us against causing or furthering division in the church. According to him, disunity leads to separation. In this paragraph, Wesley reminds us that our apprehension at the thought of being separated from our brothers and sisters should far outweigh our desire to be proven right in opinions […]