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Devotional Illustration – Free Will

by Pat Finnegan

In C.S. Lewis’ book, The Great Divorce, we encounter a well-dressed woman, one of the Ghosts, who, because of vanity, is afraid to make the decision to join the Solid People in heaven. In this illustration we see that, although we were created for life within the love and will of God, the choice is […]

Devotional Illustration – Hope of Heaven

by Pat Finnegan

Gerard Manley Hopkins, in his poem Heaven-Haven, longs for the lasting peace and rest of his heavenly destiny. Hopkins compares heaven to an eternal spring, a flowered field and a peaceful seaport. But mostly he describes heaven as a place devoid of pain (hail) and where life is never churned up by trials (storms – […]

Devotional Illustration – Discipline (Good Habits)

by Pat Finnegan

Twentieth-century missionary and writer, E. Stanley Jones, author of the book Conversion, entreats us to imitate our Lord in three vital actions that were habitual in his life. Creating opportunity for God to communicate to us from his Word, speaking with him and hearing his voice through prayer, and sharing what we learn from him […]

Devotional Illustration – Discipline

by Pat Finnegan

Discipline, whether well or poorly applied, can never be the cause of conversion or earn salvation for us. In this quote from Conversion, written by Christian missionary and writer E. Stanley Jones, we learn that surrender must precede our attempt to discipline our lives. While salvation cannot be attained by discipline around an unsurrendered self, […]

Devotional Illustration – Affection

by Pat Finnegan

Catherine di Giacomo di Benincasa of Sienna, Italy became a Dominican nun at the age of 18. Until her death at the age of 33, Catherine of Sienna lived a life marked by deep devotion to God. In these words from her work The Dialog, she concisely portrays how the things we choose to care […]