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Devotional Illustration – Patience

by Pat Finnegan

Grand visions of our own ministry, how we see ourselves serving God, and our own views of what success might look like must give way to will of God for our lives. No amount of self-directed busyness can be as fruitful as being called by and led by our God and King. John Milton, in […]

Devotional Illustration – Surrender

by Pat Finnegan

The Practice of the Presence of God is a collection of letters and conversations attributed to a man we know as Brother Lawrence. Brother Lawrence, though without any formal education, is noted for his life of contemplation and devotion as well as his ability to turn his earthly labors into time spent in the presence […]

Devotional Illustration – God’s Mercy

by Pat Finnegan

Søren Kierkegaard was a 19th-century Danish theologian and philosopher. He was opposed to the empty rituals and customs of the Church of his day and thought it more important that we have an honest view of ourselves and how we live our lives. In this quote, from the collection The Prayers of Kierkegaard, he asks […]

Devotional Illustration – Witness

by Pat Finnegan

Charles Spurgeon, an English pastor and preacher of the 19th-century, wrote many sermons and books on a myriad of topics. His book Spiritual Revival the Want of the Church, addresses the want (lack) of true and deep revival in the lives of individual Christians as well as in the Church as a whole. In this […]