Please Join us on June 29th and July 27th as Grace Church Blesses the Community, by providing free Health care checkups and Oil changes for your car, while also nourishing your spiritual health.

On June 29th and July 27th several members of Grace Church will be providing Blessings to the community through providing free health checks as well as free oil changes for your vehicles. The Oil changes will be done by appointment, which you can make below.

Grace Church will also be providing a free meal those that participate in one of the Blessings that are being provided to the community. There will be breakfast provided from 9 to 11 and lunch from a food cart from 11 to 3pm. We are also providing some fun for the children; a fun bounce house for your children to play in while you are here.

Don’t have a car, that’s okay we have a medical provider that are giving out free health checks. We are also providing spiritual checkups; a deacon of the church will pray with you and give you guidance. Even if you don’t feel you need for any of these things, we would still love if you came out and spent some time with all of us as Grace Church.