Church: Grace Church of the Nazarene
Preacher: Pastor Joe Warrington
Date: April 27, 2014
Sermon Text: Romans 14:13-23
Sermon Title: Love Covers It All

Primary theme or “the Main Point” of the sermon:
Love helps us overcome our differences and convictions

Goal or expected life-change as a result of the sermon:
To encourage both strong and weak Christians to see the bigger picture of love

Key challenge to the listeners as result of the Goal above:
For the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ we must focus on building healthy loving disciples

Outline of the sermon:

Love Covers it All
1. Love does not cause your brother to stumble vv. 13-16
2. The Theological basis for loving each other vv. 17-19
3. Faith that works is a loving faith vv. 20-23