Twentieth-century missionary and writer, E. Stanley Jones, author of the book Conversion, entreats us to imitate our Lord in three vital actions that were habitual in his life. Creating opportunity for God to communicate to us from his Word, speaking with him and hearing his voice through prayer, and sharing what we learn from him with others are, as Mr. Jones describes, key ingredients of a healthy Christian life.

He (Jesus) did three things by habit: (1) ‘He stood up to read as was his custom’ – he read the Word of God by habit. (2) ‘He went out into the mountain to pray as was his custom’ – he prayed by habit. (3) ‘He taught them again as was his custom’ – he passed on to others by habit what he had and what he had found.

These simple habits were the foundation habits of his life. They were as up-to-date as tomorrow morning. No converted person can live without those habits at work vitally in his life.